The word Lucid as defined in the late 1500’s is as follows: Bright, Shining, Clear. From the root Leuk; to shine, easy to understand.

A period of calm or temporary sanity.

To live lucidly is to become sane. It is to end the era of blind reactive living by becoming what we all must eventually become, lucid. In this new perspective we gain the understanding that all existence is a vehicle. It is in this new understanding that we comprehend the nature and controls of this vehicle. It is through this new comprehension that we begin to consciously propel ourselves through experiences with a new appreciation and understanding of who and what we are.

The art of lucid dreaming has been a tool of self exploration for thousands of years. It allows the birth of a new awareness, and profound self reflection that deepens ones sense of understanding of self. It is an unparalleled tool.

What is not yet widely accepted by the collective human consciousness is that what we refer to as “reality” is in fact an extremely dense lucid dream of which we are not only all apart of, but which is perpetuated by our own beliefs. This “dream” is designed to bring about unprecedented leaps in understanding in Source consciousness. We are all the stuff of dreams…

Friday, March 7, 2014

Chapter 5: Navigating through a sea of symbols

Chapter 5: Navigating through a sea of symbols

Symbols have been used throughout history to convey complex, abstract ideas. A symbol can encompass a large emotional concept in a single physical representation. Symbols and allegory have been used for thousands of years to convey philosophical concepts. They can also be used to transport a person to an emotional and spiritual space that has previously been inaccessible. Symbols are not just pretty pictures drawn on a piece of paper. This is just the more widely known and accepted form of symbolism. The nature of “reality” is symbolism. Every single thing you perceive is a 3 dimensional marker for an energetic concept. Exactly like a dreamer in a dream you are traversing through a universe which is (from your perspective) the totality of your beliefs. There is nothing “outside” of you.

These confrontations that you are having with these abstract concepts made manifest are a divine mirror of the beliefs you are holding. It is through this mechanism that a lucid dreamer can achieve deeper understanding and appreciation for who and what he or she is.Everything in your life is a contextual marker allowing you to isolate an abstract concept and hold it up to the” light” so that you might gain a new depth of understanding. Even the mug you take your morning coffee or tea in is a representation of a concept. When you understand this you will travel through your experiences with an attitude of wonder. You will have only one vocation: exploration. You will have only one goal: self actualization.

There are two main kinds of symbols in reality:



Archetypal symbols are symbols that are widely understood by a collective to mean relatively the same thing. In a collective consciousness examples of these types of symbol are: Religious symbols: crosses, pentagrams, the star of David, the crescent moon and star, . A time. It feels like a costume that’s fun to put on but then you just want to take it off again.

Reality is an extremely personal and subjective experience by which source animal sything you were experiencing was trying to tell you something about yourself, something very important would. 

Symbols: Doves, black cats, wolves ravens, snakes. This type of symbolism is commonly used in native cultures as well as western mythology,and the meaning varies depending on region. Popular Culture symbols which can be anything from company logos to Computer shorthand such as,@. Numerological symbols: individual numbers and numerical sequences have characteristics attributed to them such as in Hellenistic astrology, and Pythagorean philosophy, the thought being that numbers carry frequencies. Having knowledge of these frequencies and corresponding characteristics, one can predict eventualities in reality and nature.

The second type of symbol is personal. Personal Symbols are everyday objects, people, situations, Their meanings depend entirely on how you feel with regard to them. They are in no way universal. Like individual fingerprints a person’s reality is a world entirely onto itself. We all express and experience our own interpretations of source. The act of observing the feelings that arise when you are observing the symbol is the means by which you decipher what it means to you, for example: The coffee cup on the table in front of me makes me feel warm and hopeful. It has a picture of the Florida Keys on it. I vacationed there and was married there. It represents having faith in your instincts because when I went there I’d never been there before. I went on a gut instinct and I loved it. I enjoy using this cup. It feels like me.

I have another mug which was a gag gift from my brother and his wife. It is oversized and pink and has questionable language on the front. When I see this I feel funny and a little embarrassed. It reminds me of my sister in law who is always telling me I should be more outspoken. I love this cup but I can’t use it all the as conversations with itself. In this new awareness the experience of duality and contrast is obsolete. The need for defense and survival are no longer viable. Walking out into the world with the posture of” I will react”.”I will defend, and destroy all perceived threats.” is a liability. All of these past assumptions and postures obstruct the valuable jewels that lie beneath the surface of your experiences. We must shift from being a dualistic, reactive, and volatile ego centered race in order to insure that we thrive on this planet. We must shift our centers to our higher broader selves, we must quite literally turn our perception upside down. 

We must not push down or sacrifice our innate beingness and our capacity for self healing for the empty promises of a tomorrow that may never come if we continue this way. When are willing to shift to this new perspective, this unity perspective, we will see the dissolving of modalities of suffering, oppression and dis-empowerment. These concepts will no longer be relevant. When we as a collective adopt this very simple, very practical new paradigm, we will see what we are truly capable of. It will truly be your life you are living.

Since deciphering personal symbols will be the bulk of most people’s experiences it is important to know how to utilize them. If you were aware in every moment of your life that every ’t you listen? So many times I have watched people (myself included) totally bail on the moment that they were in.

I’ve seen them try every way they can to distract themselves from the present moment. If the “Life”
experience was a concert most of us would be that person who spends the entire concert on their I Phone texting and Tweeting and sharing the very experience that they themselves are distracted from. It is so very important to be present in your experiences. Showing up to your experiences with this new perspective is all a human Being needs to do in order to navigate consciously though his/ her experience. The concept is very easy simple and practical yet it is rarely done. It is rarely done because we are accustomed to coping with life as opposed to facing it head on. We have had as collective low expectations in terms of our ideas about
personal happiness. It is widely accepted that the less you can feel the more you can dull the better. These are not the beliefs of a race that has faith in its purpose. 

People frequently if not always confuse coping with what makes them happy. Happiness is not a coping mechanism; happiness is the discovery of what truly centers and gives health and vitality. The pursuit of happiness is the pursuit of health and the pursuit of oneness and the pursuit of balance. To attain material goods and services in the hope that you will achieve some kind of relief from the pain, and discomfort you're experiencing is the folly of most people. The idea that the pursuit of individual happiness is somehow selfish is a misunderstanding of what happiness truly is. 

Happiness is not the attaining of material goods or services. Happiness is a decision to be true to one's own internal compass, to be the embodiment of one’s authentic self. Greed is not the byproduct of the pursuit of happiness. Greed is the byproduct of the belief that in order to be comfortable you must cope and dull yourself with three dimensional things. So in reality greed is the by product of a very low expectation, the expectation that you cannot ever truly be happy to your core. 

Greed comes from the belief that true happiness and peace cannot be achieved and the only "joy" in life is the obtaining of material possessions and power over others in order to keep this deep feeling of incompleteness unhappiness at bay. So by all means pursue your own happiness, but be aware of the difference between what makes you happy and what keeps you comfortably dull. 

Confronting your mirror self ,your hidden beliefs is the way in which we experientially become acquainted with source. This life is not about delivering yourself from the 3rd dimension. We are not meant to escape this existence as if it were a burning building, we are here to face it and in the process of facing it , transmute it into our paradise.

As I stated earlier, staying with yourself, staying with your experience of what is occurring and observing your feelings is the most important thing. Observing your own thoughts, and feelings in relation to what you perceive is the only way you will know why the things that are manifesting in your life are manifesting. No amount of self help literature or seminars can equal or help you figure your world out as much as your own inner guidance. Often when a person embarks on this sort of introspective experience they feel confused as to what they are feeling at any given moment. This is because they are not used to listening to themselves and at first everything feels a bit vague.

 I am a stay at home Mother and I am accustomed to the way my daughters talk, my youngest is three and when she speaks it is garbled and broken. To me her meaning is crystal clear but to my husband who works and is out most of the day she sounds as if she is speaking some foreign language. This example is my attempt to illustrate that the language of the physical and emotional body can be very cryptic to the possessor of that body if that person is not accustomed to listening to it . If you are accustomed to coping with your life it might take you a little bit of time to become accustomed to the ways in which you communicate with yourself. 

The emotional body of a person is the field in which we communicate to ourselves whether what we are experiencing or contemplating experiencing is something that is in accordance with our higher preferences. I say higher preference because sometimes we find that it is true for us to experience things which at the moment we would not like to prefer but we must experience for the “greater Good" of ourselves, or rather our souls purpose. 

So, when I say preferences I am meaning what your souls purpose would have you do as opposed to what would make you less uncomfortable right now. The ways in which we become more accustomed to listening to our internal compasses are, we must first get in touch with our bodies. Our bodies like everything else in our realities are a metaphor for our respective beliefs. Our bodies are the amalgamation of our beliefs and attitudes about ourselves and ourselves in terms of the world we create. We manifest these bodies out of a desire to experience specific concepts. Our bodies are concepts that experience concepts. We pull in information and based on this information we form new beliefs. When we cease to form new concepts and beliefs, when our expansion slows we start to atrophy. All ideas and concepts start to lose steam after a while and if there is not sufficient flow of energy, if we are not constantly renewing our sense of self via our experiences we begin to wane. It is the disintegration of a thought which is you.

Your body speaks to you through meridians. These meridians are focal points for energy. These energies are representations of areas of experience. They embody ideas which are areas for exploration.These are commonly called chakras. These “areas” represent sub divisions of experience. They are a clear representation of the energies that exist in and all around you.

These points are located as follows:

(a) The crown chakra- located is at the top center of the head. Corresponding color is Violet, its area is Source consciousness connection.

(b) The Third Eye chakra- Located in the center of the forehead. Corresponding color is Indigo. Its area is unity perception. Intuitive wisdom

(c) The Throat chakra- location is the middle of the neck. Corresponding color is Blue. It’s area is communication.

(d) The Heart Chakra- located in the middle of the chest. Corresponding color is Green. Its area is empathy, love.

(e) The Solar plexus Chakra- located in the middle of the abdomen a bit above the belly button. Corresponding color is Yellow. It’s area is self assurance, confidence, emotional center.

(f) The Sacral Chakra- located in the middle of the lower abdomen below the belly button. Corresponding color is Orange. Its area is creativity, sexuality, conception. Its color is Orange.

(g) The Base or Survival Chakra- Located at the base of the spine in the middle of the lower back. Corresponding color is Red. Its area is your tie to earth energy, your tie to your contextual identity. Your right to exist in this earthly context.

These centers are fractal elements of the collective experience which is you. Just like we are fractals of source these centers are fractals of us. They are specific areas of our experience. They are represented this way in the design of our bodies as a tool of appreciation and exploration. As tools of expansion we are built to take in information about who we are to gain depth of understanding and then redefine who we are again. In order for our physical equivalents to work as they were meant to we must observe the information that is present, process this information and then form our new concepts and beliefs out of our preferences.

Once we understand a concept we digest it and spit it out and then it is transformed into another concept / belief. This process is always happening. It is never not happening in contextual reality. When we chose to consciously participate in it, it speeds the expansion process. It lessens the density of reality for us because in reality density is just resistance that slows or holds back (temporarily) the flow of energy for the sake of experience. Density is like the breaks on a car. It allows experience to happen in a slower drawn out way in order to experience things separately. The faster the vibration the more” together” everything is, hence Source is the fastest/ highest vibration, it is non vibration. It is the ultimate homecoming because it is the inclusion of everything.

Whenever we are feeling “close” to something or someone else we are a feeling a glimpse of that which is the truth of everything and that’s why it feels so damn good. We must understand that our bodies are not actual things. They are representations of ideas. We communicate our preferences through them. When we pay attention to what our bodies are saying to us in experiences , we are able to consciously choose the beliefs we are going to internalize instead of going through our experiences by default. When we are about to get into a car with someone and our stomach tells us something is amiss and we acknowledge it, we can consciously choose to be a person who is not resonating with a car crash, instead of a person who goes through the crash experience and has regret, or worse yet ,one who discounts their instincts entirely and decides to believe they are a victim of circumstance.

Every sensation you have in your person is attempting to relate information to you. The corresponding Chakra center is the clue as to what it has to do with you. If you are around someone who gives you a stomach ache it is reason to believe that your issue with that person has to do with your self assertiveness. If you are trying to understand why you are having such a hard time at work listen to your body while you are their relating to that situation.

What do you feel? Is it tension? Where is that tension?

You use the same line of questioning I mentioned in the previous chapter about shifting beliefs. Becoming aware and in tune with your emotional body allows for swift recognition of resistances that you hold in all areas of your life. It is imperative that you learn to pay attention to yourself. What is happening outside of you is only important in so far as it is a direct depiction of what is actually going on inside of you.

When we perceive exclusively with Ego we are stuck in past moments, past remembrances and past Identities. We cannot decipher the present with this mode of perception. The Ego is the lord of the past. It cannot make sense of the present because it is a static snap shot. When you perceive through Ego you are eclipsing the present moment and all of its opportunities with the past. Identifying yourself consciously with your higher self and staying in the moment ends that type of self defeating practice.

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